Little Wolf River Trail

 The Little Wolf River Trail is a walking and biking trail in and around the City of Manawa and extending into the Town of Little Wolf. The purpose of the trail is to provide residents and visitors with a venue for relaxation and exercise. Residents and visitors can walk south of the Manawa Middle School off Beech Street to Garrity Road. They can cross Garrity to McCabe Road and follow the road to DR Drive and walk behind Duncan Beck’s storage units to the town hall of Little Wolf or back out on Colleneen Court near the Manawa Elementary School.   Work has also been completed on the trail system along the Little Wolf River near Lindsay Park. The Little Wolf River Trail Committee continues to pursue working with the railroad to use the trestle over the river so that the trail will connect to Ogdensburg, connecting with the Tomorrow River trail that runs all the way to Plover.

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