Mayor and Council

The Manawa Common Council meetings are held at the Manawa Municipal Building on the 3rd Monday of every month at 6:00pm.  The public is welcome!

Mike Frazier, Phone (920)596-3949

1st Ward Alderperson
Ann Bonikowske

Aaron Timm

2nd Ward Alderperson
Alice Brown, Phone (920)596-2012

Mary Eck, Phone (920)596-3238

3rd Ward Alderperson
Jim Roenz (920)596-2374

Mark Lehrer

Click on the maps below to find what ward you are in.

             Ward 1                              Ward 2                             Ward 3


2022-2023 City of Manawa Committees

Mayor: Mike Frazier (2023)

Council President: Mary Eck (elected by the council)

1st Ward: Ann Bonikowske (2024), Aaron Timm 1 year term (2023)

2nd Ward: Mary Eck (2024), Alice Brown (2023)

3rd Ward: Jim Roenz (2024), Seth Miller (2023)

Finance and Personnel:  Chair Mary Eck, Jim Roenz, Ann Bonikowske

Protection and Welfare:  Chair Jim Roenz, Alice Brown, Seth Miller

Improvements and Services:  Chair Ann Bonikowske, Seth Miller, Aaron Timm

Little Wolf Committee:  Mike Frazier, Mary Eck

Recycling Committee:  Alice Brown, Seth Miller

Plan Commission: Chair Mike Frazier, Vice Chair Ronda Mollica, Larry Squires, Craig Moser, Kevin Keller, John Smith, Jim Roenz

Fire Dept:  Mary Eck, Jim Roenz, Alternate Mike Frazier

City Attorney:  David L. Forsythe

Police Chief:  Jason Severson

Ordinance and Setback: Logan Hass, Paul Hanlon, Josh Smith

Zoning Administrator:  Paul Hanlon, Logan Hass

City Clerk/Treasurer: Logan Hass

Deputy Clerk: Angie Jacobsen

Director of Public Works:  Josh Smith

Assistant DPW: Wayne Wendt and Nick Weed

Joint Review Board: Larry Squires (Public), Jake Timm (County)

City Engineer: Cedar Corporation

Health Inspector:  Theda Care

Assessor: Larry Preuss Preuss Appraisals

Auditor: CliftonLarsonAllen

Fire Chief: Josh Smith

Emergency Committee: Josh Smith, Mike Frazier, Logan Hass

Official Newspaper:  Waupaca County Post (Appleton Post Crescent for large projects with daily postings), Official Depositories:  Premier Community Bank, Local Government Investment, First State Bank

Weed Commissioner: Josh Smith

Manawa Chamber Representative: Mike Frazier, Ellen Connor

Waupaca County Economic Development: Mike Frazier, Logan Hass

Waupaca County Condemnation: Mike Frazier

Library Board: Coleen Phelan 2023; Melanie Oppor (school) 2024; Karen Hoffmann 2022; Jeremy Bennett 2022; Alice Brown (city) 2024; John Mann 2022; Jessica Rosenow 2023

Board of Appeals: Chair Frank Jaeger, Floyd Gerl, Jeff Zinuticz, Chris Mollica, Dave Augustine

Municipal Court: Alice Brown, Ann Bonikowske

Waupaca County Tourism: Mary Eck, Mike Frazier