Building Inspector

The City of Manawa Building Inspector is Paul Hanlon.  If you need a building permit please call 920-878-0024 or email

Permit Fees:

Failure to obtain permit prior to starting work – Double all fees.

New Buildings and Additions

Group I

The use group shall include new and additions to residential buildings and apartments in which families or households live, or in which sleeping accommodations are provided for individuals with/without dining facilities, excluding hotels, motels and institutional buildings.

The area of the residential building shall not include the area of the attached or detached garages. (See Group H)

Fee:  $.10 per sq. ft. of new building or addition.  Minimum fee: $50.00. Manufactured home installation inspections:  $150.00 (includes plumbing and electrical fees)

Group II

This use group consists of all attached and detached garages for One and Two Family Dwellings. 

Fee:  $0.05 per sq. ft. of new building or addition.  Minimum fee: $50.00

Group III

This use group shall include new and additions to warehouse, storage buildings, sheds and retail establishments where manufactured products are being bought and sold.

Fee:  Storage sheds greater than 120 sq. ft. up to 240 sq. feet:  $25.00. Buildings greater than 240 sq. feet refer to Group II.

Storage sheds under 120 sq. feet – No permit required.

Group IV

This group shall include new and additions to all other types of buildings not included in Groups I, II, III.  (Offices, School, industrial). 

Fee: $0.06 per sq. ft. of new building or addition.  Minimum fee:  $100.00. 

  • For Buildings or structures that cannot be figured by square foot the fee shall be $3.00/$1000 cost up to $20,000.00 and $2.00/ $1,000 after $20,000.00

 Miscellaneous Permits: 

  • ·       Plan Review – 1 & 2 Family Dwellings $30.00
  • ·       State Stamp – 1 & 2 Family Dwellings $25.00
  • ·       Sewer Connection Fee $200.00
  • ·       Driveways – Stone or gravel to blacktop or concrete, Widening or lengthening $25.00
  • ·       Sign Permit – $5.00/$1000 of value – Min Fee $25.00
  • ·       Residential Siding Replacement – $25.00
  • ·       Wood Decks or Concrete/Brick Patios -$25.00
  • ·       Street Excavations – $25.00
  • ·       Street Excavation w/Sanitary Sewer Repair $50.00
  • ·       Erosion Control Permits – Residential $40.00, Commercial – Manufacturing $100.00
  • ·       Building Demolition – $10.00
  • ·       Moving Buildings – Less than 700 sq. ft. – $10.00, More than 700 sq. ft. – $35.00

Plumbing Permits:

Any connection up to and including the first 6 fixtures – $20.00.

Additional fixtures $5.00 per fixture, (fixtures are defined as any drains or devices through which water flows, such as floor drains, catch basins and sump pumps)


Residential Group Heating Fees: 

Residential Heating (Including Duct Work) $25.00

Residential Central Air Conditioning $25.00, (Includes replacement furnaces and C/A)


Commercial/Industrial Heating and Air Conditioning Fees:

Group III Buildings $0.02 per sq. ft. – Minimum $50.00

Group IV Buildings $0.035 per sq. ft. – Minimum $50.00


Residential Electrical Fees:

Electrical Service Upgrade – $25.00

New Construction & Alterations $0.02 per sq. ft. of area involved/$25.00 minimum