Dog Tags. – Please register your dog at the City Hall every year.  Yearly tags are available starting in December of each year.  Rabies vaccination is needed to obtain a tag for your dog.  Any dog the age of 6 months and older must be licensed.  Cost is $3.00 for spayed/neutered and $8.00 for nonspayed/non-neutered.

Number of Dogs allowed. – Per City of Manawa Ordinance – Number limited.  No family shall own, harbor or keep in its possession more than two dogs on any residentially zoned lot without the prior approval of the Common Council, except that a litter of pups or a portion of a litter may be kept for not more than eight weeks from birth. If more than one family resides on a residential lot, then only a total of two dogs shall be allowed on the residential lot, unless prior approval is obtained from the Common Council. For the purposes of this section, the term “family” shall be defined as one or more persons. Persons may keep more than two dogs only if they have first received a kennel license and a conditional use permit pursuant to Chapter303, Zoning, of this Code.

Leash Law. – Per City of Manawa Ordinance –  No person having in his or her possession or ownership any animal or fowl shall allow the same to run at large within the city. The owner of any animal, whether licensed or unlicensed, shall keep his or her animal tied or enclosed in a proper enclosure so as not to allow said animal to interfere with the passing public or neighbors. Any animal running at large unlicensed and required by state law or city ordinance to be licensed shall be seized and impounded by a humane or law enforcement officer.  A dog shall not be considered to be running at large if it is on a leash and under control of a person physically able to control it.

Clean up after your dog. – Per City of Manawa Ordinance –  The owner or person in charge of any dog or other animal shall not permit solid fecal matter of such animal to deposit on any street, alley or other public or private property, unless such matter is immediately removed therefrom by said owner or person in charge. This section shall not apply to a person who is visually or physically handicapped.