Common Questions

Burning hours – The City of Manawa residents are allowed to burn in the months of April-May and October-November.  You can burn the hours of 4:00pm – 9:00pm.  Only items that are allowed to be burned are yardwaste items. Follow this link for burning condition restrictions

Parking hours – Winter parking on all City streets is prohibited during the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. from November 1 through April 1.

Mowing – Please do not mow your grass clippings into the road.  If your grass/weeds get over 8 inches you will get a notice to mow.  If it is not taken care of the City will mow and bill you accordingly.

Snow on sidewalks –  If snow/ice is not removed 24 hours after the snow has stopped you will get a notice.  If it is not taken care the City will remove the snow/ice and bill you accordingly.

Brush pickup –    The City picks up brush the 1st Monday of every month starting in May – October.  Please have your brush at the curb before that Monday.  The brush must be no longer than 6 feet and lay horizontal with the curb.  We also offer residents the use of City trucks to load with large amounts of brush or trees and then we take it to the Waupaca County Recycling Center.    Any questions call City Hall at 920-596-2577.

Leaf pickup The City does not offer leaf pickup.

Garbage pickup – The City does not offer garbage pickup.  You will have to contact a private business. 

Bartender license –  Information and forms can be obtained at the City Clerk’s office or you can get a copy here.

Vehicle Registration – You can register a new vehicle at the City Clerk’s office.  Please bring the title and check or money order.  We do not give renewal stickers for vehicles. We do not renew driver’s license.